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UX/UI design, front-end development

For this project I had the privilege to work with an awesome start-up, The concept behind adsy is to offer the most intuitive “mobile design platform” aimed at creating mobile content, and the awesome part - it’s all built in HTML5. The main theme of the website was built around magic - the cool, not the cheesy kind :)

Website design

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Interactive cards

Following the main concept of ‘magic’, I built a set of 5 interactive cards that once flipped, showed you the main features of the app. This was the most difficult part in building the website. Initially, I had hoped to solve the problem by using mostly CSS with a sprinkle of JavaScript. However, because of the responsive nature of the layout, the ‘sprinkle’ quickly turned into the main course.

Watch the cards in action in this short showcase:

Thank you for watching!