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Branding, UX/UI design, mobile app

Ths project was built at one of the AngelHack hackathons in London. Alongside my team, I’ve created HandyTime, a web service for handymen management and tracking. The app gives the answer to the question: "When are you going to arrive?".
This is solved by giving customers access to a web interface where they can track the progress of their plumber/electrician, and get up-to-the-minute estimates of when they arrive.

Customer experience

I wanted to create a simple, clean and straightforward experience for the user,
showing only the information that he/she's interested in.

When the customer orders a visit from a handyman, he receives an email that contains all the information needed and a reference number. With this, he can track the handyman’s progress on that day and get an estimate of when he will arrive. The customer automatically receives an SMS one hour before the expected arrival time.

Business experience

The same clean style is reflected in the corporate dashboard.

Businesses have a very well organised management system at their disposal. They can track their employees, manage them and their customers, and analyse statistics. They also have the necessary tools to plan routes, and adjust them in real time if they so desire.

Location information is being sent from the mobile app in real time.

The map shows where the van is right now.

The first customer on the waiting list has his section expanded with all the details, making it easier for the driver to scan the information.

Every time the driver finishes a job, he can swipe the customer to the right to delete him from the list.

Thank you for watching!