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UX/UI design, front-end development

For this specific project, at the client's request, I’ve used a fictive name and presented just a few screen previews.

Customer experience


Umami is a mobile app for ordering healthy organic food online. It lets you customize your food and have it ready for pick-up in minutes.

The access in the restaurant is made via a QR code, and most of the pick-up process is computerized. It relies heavily on informational technology and empowers the clients to perform tasks that would normally be done by members of staff.


Design wise, I've tried to create a modern and clean look that instead of feeling sterile it conveys warmth, well-being, and general yummy-ness :)


This being a fairly complex food app, I had to keep a fine balance between user features and ease of use. Thus, I've tried to create a painless and pleasant experience, where users know exactly what they are seeing and what to press when presented with a screen, making the whole process a breeze.

Thank you for watching!