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UX/UI design, front-end development, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails

For almost 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of working within an amazing organisation - Survival International. They are the sole voice that fights for tribal peoples around the world.
Their website redesign and development has been my longest and most ambitious project so far. Dozens of page templates, high-volume and high-quality content, translated in 7 languages. Oh, and it was all responsive.


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We needed a framework that was stable, supported, and under active development. Enter Twitter Bootstrap. However, we had to make lots of adjustments to make it work just like we wanted it.

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New content

Frameworks and designs might be fun, but sometimes all you need is just good ol’ content. A 'few' things I worked on: an online shop, 5 micro-sites, the film section, Survival’s blog, the gallery section, the Uncontacted Tribes website, newsletters, emails, and tons of other pages for petitions, campaigns and tribes.

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